Quinceañeras and Sweet 16

One of life's most precious moments and most significant for a young teenagers milestones should be commemorated with beautiful portraits. Very cliche to say but this is a once in a lifetime moment.

Quince años and Sweet 16 are celebrations that can be considered in some cultures as days of transformation. A day when this young lady will trade in her favorite doll or toy for a pair heals. What I mean by this is that it can be considered as a day when they transform in young adults. They will take on responsibilities and become active in their communities. Sports, social clubs, altruism and just being present among us.

Let me capture this joyous occasion for you! 

As you may see throughout my website my work is not just run of the mill pictures. I make portraits, keepsakes if you will. Images your family can hold and cherish forever starting from the custom made invitations, portraits to place at the entrance of your reception and different size prints to share with your loved ones. 

Reach out through my contact page and lets plan your sessions. Session can include photoshoots with a fashion model flare for your invitations, a photoshoot for your portraits with your dress or outfit. Because we all know its about the dress. And I also offer party coverage up to 5 hrs of shooting starting before your guests arrive in order to capture the fabulous decoration until the time runs out.

Planning your event takes a little lead time maybe about a couple of months. Rush planning will incur higher rates to cover work, processing and shipping.

Contact me here!


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