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I guess I can trace my interest for photography back to when I was a kid living in Chicago. I always liked cameras and had one handy for when I went on vacations. At one point in time I recall having a Polaroid Land Camera with a bulb flash that I took to Canada with my mom. But for a long time I did not have one. I left the photography to my friends and family.

Years later, during my daughter's XV celebration on a cruise I decided to stop buying point-n-shoots and get a DSLR. I shot through the cruise and then through the my daughter's other events and most importantly her soccer games. And there we go. Research, testing, trials got me to buy more lenses and equipment. Here comes a lightstand, a tripod, a lens, my first set of studio strobes and we're off!

A few years later I am here at your service. I want to make sure you have portraits to hold on and to pass to your loved ones. I know the value of portraits as I only have one of my mother (R.I.P) and I protect it like none other. I also love being creative and design concepts to shoot. I get my inspiration from everywhere I go and online. It's funny because then I catch myself actually designing and shooting my idea in my head. Some of these ideas have lead to photographing fashion editorials as well as good old fashion photography.

There is a promo out there where the great Annie Leibovitz says that she doesn't believe that it's the photographer's job to set the subject at ease in portraiture. I disagree with her at a major level but not completely. I believe its my job to make sure I create a relationship with my clients. If my subject/client is nervous or tense, the portraits will reflect that.

I am based out of Denton County. Reach out and lets talk about adding to your heirlooms or to your portfolio.

Cesar Guzman

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